Hi everyone and welcome! I’m Jeanette. I am a wife to an amazing man and a mom to two precious boys. I graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Cardiopulmonary Sciences and worked in hospitals in five states as a Respiratory Therapist for a decade, seeing patients of all ages. I then transitioned to a private pulmonary practice and performed testing as a Pulmonary Function Technologist. Life happens, and I unexpectedly developed health issues. I felt so sick all of the time that taking care of my children and performing simple tasks became very challenging. I went from specialist to specialist for three years and still did not have many answers. It wasn’t until I visited a local integrative medicine practice that I learned about lab tests, nutritional supplements and healing tools that changed my life. Once my health improved, I felt called to help others heal. And since it took me years to figure this out, I’d love to save you that precious time!